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For group tours, please call or email us to for pricing and availability. 

Event Details

Farm Rules! For your safety and the safety of our wonderful Alpacas, please adhere to the farm rules listed below when visiting the farm.

  • Since this is a working farm, outside animals are not allowed on the farm. This includes the family dog. For the safety of our herd, please leave your pet at home and not in the parked car.  Alpacas and dogs don’t mix and may result in injury to animals or humans.

  • Smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes are prohibited.

  • No outside food or drink while visiting the farm. Alpacas can become deathly ill if given outside food.

  • Please be kind to the alpacas.

  • Do not tease, hit, or throw objects at the animals.

  • Please prevent children from running and screaming while inside the alpaca paddocks. This will cause havoc and interfere with the enjoyment of other participants.

  • Do not allow children to climb on fencing or gates.

  • Failure to adhere to these rules will warrant removal from the farm.

What to bring!

  • Shoes - Closed toed ones, if possible

  • Comfortable clothes

  • A great attitude

  • A desire for amazement and wonder

  • A camera or your smartphone if you'd like to take photos

  • $10 per vehicle. Reserve today and pay on site the day of your visit.

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    10 US dollars
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